Movement Alliance has compiled a movement-science database that organizes and streamlines cutting-edge research in optimization of movement and prevention of injury for sporting and performing arts activities. The database houses an array of engaging video episodes and articles on how to prevent not only the common sport/performing art-specific injuries, but also uncommon diagnoses not often known or discussed in open forum. Our content principally focuses on in-depth activity-specific movement analysis giving great insight into the biomechanical demands needed to maximize performance and prevent injury. Movement Alliance Pearls™ houses easy-to-read synopses of the scientific literature with citations and links to the journal articles referenced. The Health & Wellness page includes information presented on general topics in addition to injury prevention for alternative modalities such as yoga and tai-chi.  Whether you are an expert-level athlete, youth prospect, performing artist, or simply a person who casually exercises to stay healthy—this database will serve as a means to fortify what you need to do to stay healthy. Our Resource Database is free and available 24/7. Access by clicking on the image/icon of choice below.