Are you a DPT, MPT, or SPT looking to give back to your community beyond the clinic? You've come to the right place!

  • Click the locator button below to find an in-area Athletic/Performing Art group that interests you. Simply by having their contact information on our website means that they are looking for your consultation!  

  • *Movement Alliance requires a completed application to volunteer through our network to do our part to ensure the highest-quality care is provided to our clientele. Application includes a 1-page resume and cover letter (as PDFs) that discusses why you want to volunteer. Please send noted items to our CFO and Community Liaison, who will then discuss your application with an Advisory Board Member. A phone/in-person interview will occur to further ensure quality and make sure you are a fit. Upon acceptance, we will provide you with resources, recommendations, and what to expect when volunteering. We require that all of our volunteers emphasize scientific evidence and movement-science in their protocol—the Board of Directors and Advisory Board will help you with this process. Once you are up to speed, we will connect you with the community member/group to set up your first meeting. Let us know how it goes! We want to hear from you!

General Information

  1. Southern California—Los Angeles, San Diego, and Ventura Counties are the locations of our current community outreach campaigns.
  2. Membership is required. Different levels of membership have associated additional benefits. Find out more.
  3. If you are a Physician, Sports Psychologist, Athletic Trainer, etc. and are looking to collaborate, contact us today!


  • Legitimize your community service through a 501(c)(3).

  • View Locator to connect with your community to potentially increase patient referrals.

  • Consult with our Advisory Board to enhance your clinical skills and reasoning from an evidence-based movement-science perspective.

  • Platinum Members will have their clinic/name advertised on our website.

  • Network with like-minded Professionals.

  • Planned benefits to come: Continuing Education Units (CEUs), Discounted Access to Pub-Med, etc.

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