Musculoskeletal injuries occur when our body's tissues are unable to absorb a particular load or force. Movement is the physical expression of our interaction with those forces and can directly cause injury when deficient. Modifiable risk factors such as decreased range of motion, muscular weakness, impaired cardiovascular endurance, poor sleep hygiene, etc. rarely cause musculoskeletal injury in and of themselves, but more likely correlate with the movement dysfunction where the injury occurs. Is a weak soccer player more likely to tear her ACL sitting at a computer OR when making a cut down the field to score a goal? We address the weakness, but we teach you— MOVEMENT. 

OUR Movement-SCiENCE

We define it as: the process of critically analyzing biomechanical movements with an evidence-based re-education of its faults. This means that we teach you how to not only identify, but also analyze movement deviations. You then learn how to re-educate movements to prevent injuries for those you serve on the field or on the dance floor. Through its mastery you will discover that your athletes or artists are not just healthier for longer periods of time, but also, exemplify marked improvement in performance.


We build relationships. Our Team at Movement Alliance is a family. When we work with you it is like you are right at home. We push you to be the very best you can be in a family-oriented environment with the freedom to explore, inquire, and learn. You are valued and appreciated for what you bring to the table and we honor your goals and dreams. We are your support system, and you are ours.