Are Your services really free?

You bet! As a California Non-Profit Corporation 501(c)(3), our mission is to lend our skills to help you understand how to best prevent sport or performing art specific injury for the athletes or artists you serve completely free of charge. Our company believes that this type of service is truly needed on a large scale and we are here to fill the void.

Who is Eligible to receive a consultation?

We are geared mostly towards coaches and teachers to empower their athletes or artists. If you do not fit one of these categories, please contact us and we will do our very best to make ourselves available to you!

How do I schedule a Consultation?

Please contact our outreach chair, Grace Boll. She will respond as soon as she is able and connect you with our fieldwork team!

What should I expect during our meetings?

Two of our Movement Alliance members will meet with you during the first consultation. This will be upwards of an hour long conversation to learn about the care and practice currently involved with your athletes/artists. We will analyze and assess your training regimen you employ with your athletes/artists from an evidence-based movement science perspective.

During the follow-up meeting(s), we will provide you with handouts of comprehensive information tailored specifically to you and your particular sport or performing art. You can expect a 2-hour follow up meeting at minimum where we will discuss all relevant information in a way that you can understand and easily implement into your training sessions. Items may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Presentation of cutting-edge research and analysis of ideal sport or performing art specific biomechanics (i.e. how the athlete/artist needs to move to maximize performance injury free). This discussion will include faulty movement patterns that cause specific common injuries in your particular sport or performing art.
  2. Once you understand the ideal movement patterns and specific biomechanical demands, we will present recommended modifications to your program directly relating to our discussion of ideal/faulty movement patterns. These recommendations may include, but are not limited to:
    • modifications to the exercises you prescribe, and why.
    • discussion of easily implementable strength and conditioning principles.

Note that we will cater our services and presentation to your personal interests. We are donating our time to make this most meaningful experience for you. Expect us to meet you at a level that you can best understand and appreciate the content we present. If at any point you do not understand, please tell us and we will modify our teaching style to accommodate your particular mode of learning.

How do I gain access to the resource database?

You already have! It's available to anyone and everyone. Access our Resource Database.

I'm a Physical Therapist and would like to volunteer. How do I give back to my community through movement alliance?

Thank you for your interest in community service—we'd love to have you! Unfortunately, we are not taking on additional members at this time. However, we are currently compiling a list of all DPTs/MPTs/SPTs such as yourself who would like to volunteer. The moment we are ready to accept volunteers you will be notified!  Please reach out to our CFO and Community Liaison, Kendra Breunling in order to place your name on our waiting list. Thank you!

I want to find out more, who do i contact?

Besides our general contact page, you can reach out to our Board of Directors or Advisory Board members for specific inquires. We are very happy to help you in anyway we can!